No, the Honor is Mine!

There’s no money down here of course. But when we go above, the minion still standing after fighting to the death pays for dinner at TGIFriday’s.

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Mr. Bombardier Arf  is such a lap dog! He and Satan love to snuggle while watching Dancing with the Demons

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A Snowball’s Chance

Satan could have a ski run here. But, that scabby guy with halitosis and no concept of personal space? You’d have to have his babies.

(You’ve no idea what I had to go through looking up pics online for this post- and then draw it in all it’s gory detail! Still haven’t stopped heaving)

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Where You At?

Hell isn’t technically ‘below.’  Specifically, it’s located in the 11th dimension of King Al’s Medieval Family Fun Park. Open a rift, say Hi!

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Beware of Dog

Mr Arf now answers only to Bombardier Arf.  Apparently, those doggie play-dates are more ambitious and organized than we thought!

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Fashion on the Slopes

Satan can’t wait for Vail’s ski season to start!  He wears a custom-made insulating Yeti-skin ski-suit to keep from melting the ski run.

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High School Hell

Satan loves to personally answer teen girls’ dark summons. He admires their deviousness and cruelty. Helping ruin some bitch’s prom? Joy!

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